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H.S.A Is a Revolutionary approach to Society and how it functions.  A new Way of Being happens whenever the Ideas, thoughts, and perceptions of the people change to match a desired outcome.


A Holistic Society is a Society structure that is used widely by most advanced interstellar races. A Holistic Society is supported by advanced spirituality, high morals and ethics. A Holistic Society utalizes a Step Council Political system

H.S.A is a way for people to organize together in a interdependent manner. In modern times what keeps the system going is the engagement with it. H.S.A is here as a means for humanity to have a different option to create a harmonious society. Here, we learn how to set up our lives, and business to reflect our core values. Did you know you can organize your spiritual offerings as a Private Members Association or a Temple? This is important because it gives you the freedom outside of third party interference. It allows you to operate in full control of your business. When many of us are operating this way, we can begin to do business exchange services, art, and goods with each other being fully connected yet maintaining separate and equal standing from any other organization.  H.S.A is  brought forth from  the people of earth which means that we are creating as we go along. The key is that we must enter a different state of consciousness and break old thought patterns in order to create something new.


SET UP, ORGANIZE, LIVE HOLISTIC. This Training program is designed to offer you tools and knowledge on how to thrive as a member of an advanced society. Enjoy doing what you love and support yourself and others. You will Learn the skills, Mindset, and practical steps needed to set up and organize your business and services to live in a holistic manner.


When enough humans agree on a certain thing, that thing becomes reality and fact. It becomes part of the society because people are the society. Society does not exist independent of the people. Our focus with H.S.A is to come to new agreements and ways of being that Positively benefit the collective human family.


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